You don’t have to live near  a lake, river, ocean or other body of water to be flooded. There are multiple causes for floods, like storms, melting snow, poor or overloaded drainage systems and dam failure. We’re about to enter our rainy season here in Florida and Hurricane season starts June 1st, so we need to be ready. You may think that you’re protected by your home owner’s insurance, but your policy does not cover flood damage. You need flood insurance.

Did you know…

that 25% of flood claims  occur outside  a flood zone?

during your 30-year mortgage you have  a 26% chance of being flooded if you live in a flood zone?

the average flood insurance policy only costs $300/year for $100,000 of coverage? That’s just $25 a month!

it takes about 30 days for the policy to go into effect after it’s purchased? So don’t wait until you’re ankle-deep water before you call Patrons Insurance Agency to get your policy.

Here are some flood safety tips from National Interstate Insurance Company:

1. Know your area’s flood risk. Call your local Red Cross chapter. emergency management office or planning and zoning department.

2. Reduce potential flood damage. Raise your furnace, water heater, and electric panel if they are in areas of your home that be flooded.

3. Learn flood warning terms and the emergency actions your should take. A flood WATCH means a flooding is possible and flood WARNING means the flooding has started or will be in your area very soon.

4. Assemble disaster supplies kit. Include first aid kit, medications, canned food and opener, bottled water, radio, protective clothing, flashlight, cash, credit cards and sturdy shoes.

5. If you live in a frequently flooded area, stockpile emergency building materials. Include plywood, plastic sheeting, lumber, nails, hammer, saw, pry bar, shovels and sandbags.

6. Plan and practice an evacuation route. Check with your local Red Cross chapter or emergency management office.

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