Like I said yesterday, Patrons Insurance Agency wants to save you money. We work for you. Hurricane season is right around the corner, June 1st, and we want your family and possessions to be safe. So Florida homeowners please take advantage of windstorm mitigation; it can save you hundreds of dollars on your homeowner’s policy each year and you’ll be better prepared for those impending storms. For just $65 you can have an inspector come to your house and check for windstorm features. You can receive up to 40% on your policy by having certain features like:

-A roof built or replaced after 2001

-a Hip Roof

-a hurricane proof garage door

-shutters on ALL your windows

-trusses that attach in a way that withstands strong winds

-and roof shingles that withstand 150 mph+ winds.

If you’re interested in having your home inspected, please call us at 1-888-721-1949 and we will refer you to someone. After the inspection we’ll look over the inspection form and make sure you receive all the discounts you deserve. Customers often receive at least a $200 discount just for having a newer roof (2002 or later). To learn more about windstorm features and how they can save you money, check out this article on If you think it’s not important to have these features, you may want to view this video from first. We hope you’ll take advantage of these savings and share this information with your friends.

To hear what Tim McGuire, owner/agent at Patrons Insurance Agency has to say, check out this video.