This post goes out to all the teachers of the world and especially those teachers who took the time to encourage me. You set an excellent example for me and I’m better mother for it. Thank you.

Thank you, Mrs. Koth, my second grade teacher, for teaching me how to draw Garfield the cat and helping me make my first book of stories and poems. I think my mom still has it packed away in the attic. I love doing math drills and playing “popcorn” in your class.

Thank you, Mrs. Elsesser, my after school teacher, for teaching me to doodle.

Thank you, Mrs. Pisieczko, my 4th and 5th grade teacher, for never telling me how to spell a word and always making me look it up in the dictionary. I’m a better speller because of you. Thank you for making school fun with group projects and the occasional head-stands. Thank you for letting me observe your classes for my college education course.

Thank you, Mr. Ziegler, my middle school Life Science teacher, for repeating yourself over and over again for the class’ sake and for letting me hold the class chameleon. I always enjoyed going to your classroom and seeing interesting animals everyday.

Thank you, Senora Torres, my high school Spanish teacher, for teaching me to speak and write Spanish. You were firm, but that’s what we needed. I enjoyed your class so much, I elected to take Spanish 3 during Summer School. Did you know that I started dreaming and thinking in Spanish? Hay dios mio!

Thank you, Mrs. Mickey for teaching me American History. I’ll never forget the day we flipped our desks over to make bunkers and had an all out paper ball war. I actually did something similar with my Pre-K summer camp group.

Thank you, Mr. Hoge, my high school Economics teacher, for keeping us entertained with mock stocks and silly videos. I still tell people about Bogie’s surf team and how we had tryouts in the middle of class. Surfs up, Monte!

Thank you, Toni Allen, my Intro to Philosophy professor, for teaching me logic and how to think clearly. You taught me that faith in God is reasonable and wonderful. You also taught me about hospitality and cooking, two things I now love.

I will never forget these men and women and what they taught me. I hope my little boys are blessed to have teachers as wonderful as mine. I hope I can be one of those teachers too.