This is part 3 of my Hurricane Preparation blog series. In part 1, I told what to have in your hurricane survival kit and in part 2, I told you how to prepare your home and yard. Today’s post is all about having a family plan.Before there’s a threat of a storm, call a family meeting to discuss what to do if a hurricane does come. Here’s what you need to talk about:

  1. How and when to use 911. Kids should call from a landline and stay on the line until told to hang up.
  2. Make a list of emergency numbers to keep by the phone(s).
  3. Establish escape routes from your home and where you’ll meet. You should also have escape routes from work, school and other places you frequent often.
  4. Choose someone out-of-state as a contact person. This way all your family members have a single point of contact.
  5. Locate the safest place in your home for each of the hurricane hazards (storm surge, flood, winds). Know which of these hazards your home is vulnerable to.
  6. Plan for everyone to take Red Cross First Aid and CPR classes. The Red Cross offers different classes depending on your needs. Families with young kids can take Infant/Children CPR classes.
  7. Make arrangements for family pets now. Know which shelters and hotels are pet-friendly before a storm hits.
  8. Find out where the closest shelter is if you don’t have anywhere else to go. If you have anyone in the home with special needs, you’ll need to find a shelter that can accommodate them.
  9. Know what to do and bring in case you have to evacuate your home. Don’t forget to bring your supply kit and important documents with you, like your insurance policies.
  10. Know how to turn off water, gas and electricity at their main switches.

Be prepared for hurricane or any other threat now. Don’t wait until the last-minute to gather supplies and evacuate immediately when advised. Your family’s safety comes first.