Introducing Mrs. & Mr. Robot.

This past Friday I hosted an Art Day for my moms group. Only one mom and child showed up but we had a great time making Can-Do Robots. Our 3-year-olds helped a little but spent most of the time playing with the magnets and running around the room making silly noises. This craft would probably be even more fun with older kids (ages 4-10). I love that you can add to it anytime you come across a neat odd or end. Just hot-glue magnet to it and you’ve got yourself a makeover!

I’ve recently discovered Disney’s Family Fun magazine and its website. It really is full of family fun. I found this craft while searching for ways to celebrate Earth Day. They had some other great ideas in their article about recycled crafts, like a message center made from a cookie sheet, shelf paper and magnets. We love magnets at the Collette household. So this summer when you’re looking for something to do with the kids, try this craft. You can’t go wrong with a metallic Mr. Potato Head.

Here are the robots that Emily and Sophie made. Their robot has arms. No fair.