These yummy pancakes only require 4 ingredients.

My little boy has not been feeling well lately, so when he requested pancakes for lunch, I was happy to oblige. I rarely make recipes exactly like the box says and this is especially true of pancakes. Yes, I said box. This is NOT a food blog. I am not a foodie. However, I do love to cook yummy food for my family that fits in our budget. Pancakes are a real crowd pleaser at my house, so I usually have a box of Publix Pancake Mix in the pantry, which only requires you to add water. The idea of plain pancakes out of the box makes me feel, eh, so I always add something to them, like applesauce and cinnamon (both are staples in our house).

Just add water!

This time I decided to mix it up because Publix had blueberries on sale and my son won’t eat them. First I added slightly less water than the box called for and stirred it into the pancake mix, so it was a little thick. Then I poured in some applesauce until the mixture was a little runny. After that I cut up and smashed the blueberries and added them to the mix. I chose the softer berries because I’m less likely to eat them and more likely to toss them. You may prefer to but your berries in whole, but my little guy would just pick them out if I did that. Plus squishing them helps spread the blueberry-goodness throughout the batter.

Let it bubble up...

then flip!

Next I put a pan over medium-high heat and added a little vegetable oil once it’s was hot. Then I ladled some batter onto the hot pan and waited for the edges to bubble up before I flipped it. This has to be one of the simplest recipes ever. The fruit sweetens them plenty for me so I eat them hot and plain–no butter or syrup. That’s just four ingredients (five if you count the oil) and 10 minutes for a tasty breakfast or snack. Easy peasy!