On our way home from Lido Beach in Sarasota, my family stopped for a tasty lunch at the Red Elephant Pizza & Grill on University Parkway. My parents told us that the food was great and we’re always excited to try out a new restaurant. The first thing I noticed when I walked inside was all the cool artwork on the walls–quirky but cute. To learn more about the artist, John “Cornbread” Anderson, click here.

We were promptly seated by a friendly server  who was very patient with us while we looked over the menu. She was quick to get us our drinks, but the our appetizer took awhile. However, our Bar-B-Que Chicken Quesadillas ($6.99) were so cheesy and delicious. I definitely recommend trying them. Rather than ordering two adult meals (about $8.00 each) and a kid’s meal ($4.49), we opted for Medium Pizza with 3 toppings, which came out to $11.89. I like that they let you dress half the pizza one way and the other have another way, because Alistair only likes pepperoni. If you add it up with $3.00 for drinks (two waters and one beer), our total was $21.88 before tax and tip; not too bad for a family of three. Click here to see their menu.

All of the staff was very friendly. Our server stopped by several times to check on our drinks and apologized when the quesadillas were held up in the kitchen. The General Manager even stopped by our table to give us a card for a free appetizer (about $7.00) at their location or the new one in Tampa (Carrollwood). Because it was our first time there, they gave us a complimentary Elephant Ear ($2.99), which was hot out of the oven and dusted with lots of messy powdered sugar–perfection!

My parents were also given a free elephant ear and appetizer coupon on their visit a couple of weeks prior and I am confident that any first time visitor would receive the same treatment. It’s group and family friendly. They have nice big booths that can fit several people and they hand out crayons so the kids can color their menu, which has mazes and other activities to keep them entertained. We’ll go back soon and try some of their other menu items or maybe just stick with that oh-so-yummy pizza. To find a location near you, click here.