New Photo Contest on Our Facebook Page!

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How sweet is this!

We all know of a little place in town that has the best food and service. They make you feel at home. We’ve already told you about Bubbie’s Brown Bag Cafe. Now we want to hear about your favorite “hole in the wall” place. It could be an old-fashioned hot dog joint downtown, a family owned Greek restaurant or a cafe with amazing desserts. Just email us a photo of yourself at your favorite place and we’ll post it to our Hole in the Wall photo contest album on our agency’s Facebook page. The winner will receive a $25 VISA gift card that can use to buy their next meal at their favorite little place to eat or whatever they want. So share the love and tell us where you like to eat! Who knows, it could be our next favorite place. I bet the owners would be excited for a little publicity.

To learn more about how to enter this contest, please visit our Facebook page and read the description on the Hole in the Wall photo contest album. Thanks for participating and good luck!

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Tijuana Flats Freebie: Today Only!

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Here’s a great deal for lunch or dinner today. I found this little gem in my mailbox this morning! This is one of the perks of being a member of restaurant email clubs. Enjoy!

Speaking of free stuff, you can always get a free insurance quote at You can easily get yours on your lunch break!

Three Fun Food Blogs


I am a HUGE fan of food. I love to cook and eat. I am not a foodie or a food blogger, though. However, there are a couple of food blogs that I subscribe to and try to keep up with. I think you may enjoy them as well.

The first is Noble Pig. I StumbledUpon it and was hooked when I laid eyes on these gorgeous eggy rolls.  This one is more than a food blog. It’s also the story of the birth of a family’s vineyard in Oregon. The author, Cathy, is a food and wine fanatic. She posts recipes for magically delicious drinks like Butterbeer and comfort food with a twist like Gnocchi Mac n’ Cheese and teaches Wine Tasting 101. You’ll love her photos too. They make me want to lick my computer screen. Don’t worry I know better. I hope you’ll find some good recipes here and try them out at home. Someday I will too.

The other blog that I’ve discovered is Baked Bree. This lovely blog is written by a woman named Bree who lives in Sacramento, CA. She’s a mother of three who loves to cook and take photos. She describes her blog as “a love letter to everyone that [she] have ever cooked for.” She also takes amazing photos of her food, showing her readers every step in her recipes. I like the way she shows a photo of all the ingredients first, so you can get a quick idea of what’s in the dish. Some of the recipes on her blog that got me really excited are her homemade Bread and Butter Pickles, Milk Chocolate Pudding and a lovely Black Bean Soup (a major upgrade from mine). Plus she has several delicious looking recipes for homemade ice cream that make me want to go out and buy an ice cream maker.

Share a link in the comments section below. Here’s a new food blog that my friend Lizz just started. Her recipes and writing are equally and unbelievably flavorful. Please check it out and tell her Jenn (at Patrons) sent you! Do you have a favorite food blog? Or one of your own? I’d love to hear about it!

Banyan Tree Catering: New Partner of Patrons

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Debbie Murray

We’re happy to announce our newest Partner of Patrons, Banyan Tree Catering. If you’re looking to cater an event of any size, on any budget, you need to call Debbie and Nevar Murray of Banyan Tree Catering. You may have seen Debbie on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) with world-renowned chef, Wolfgang Puck. In fact, they’re on the air all weekend, for Wolfgang’s 12th Anniversary, selling all kinds of wonderful WP products like a rice cooker, 3-in-1 blender, convection oven, knife set, grill/griddle and a cook set.

In addition to being an on-air demonstrator, Debbie is also a cookbook author (she has 8 published so far!) and has been catering for the elite in Tampa Bay. Her beautiful daughter, Nevar, recently worked the star-studded  Governor’s Ball and other red carpet events with Wolfgang Puck.

This mother-daughter duo is known for making delicious food that looks amazing. They cater weddings, dinner parties, graduations, benefits. Patrons Insurance Agency customers can get a special discount of 10% off. Just print out your coupon here. You can also find Baynan Tree Catering on Facebook.

Contact Debbie at 727-403-4978 or Don’t forget to tell her that we sent you.

Restaurant Review: The Conch Republic


16699 Gulf Boulevard North Reddington Beach, FL

One of my favorite things about my birthday is the traditional birthday dinner out with my family. Every year my parents let me pick where I want to eat and buy us all dinner. I love to try new places so I asked my friends on Facebook for recommendations. They said I should go to the Conch Republic on North Reddington Beach, so I did.

The food was awesome! We started with the smoked fish spread on Club crackers that was so good that my fish-hating dad ate it and so did my 3-year-old. My son kept eating the spread off the same cracker (yes, it became gross) and asking for more. Then, I had a house salad with bleu cheese dressing–pretty good. For my main course, I had the Stuffed Pork Chop–amazing! It was a Bone-in oak-grilled pork chop butterflied stuffed with their own apple bacon chutney dressing, topped with an apple walnut glaze. I only wish I could’ve eaten while it was hot. I was holding the baby when it came out, but it was delicious at a few degrees above room temperature.

I would love to go back, but next we’ll go with the kids when it isn’t so busy. We went on a Friday night and the restaurant was packed. We were seated very close to a full bar so it was cramped and LOUD! It was also difficult to get a high chair. There was only one left when we showed up at 6:30p.m., but the buckle was broken, something my 7-month-old can’t be without. We had to take turns holding him and eating until another chair was free, which wasn’t until halfway through our main course. Yet, these were my only issues and I could easily avoid them by eating there on a weeknight or at lunch time. And, if you don’t have little ones and don’t mind some noise, it’s not an issue at all.

On the bright side, the food was great and everyone sitting to the right of the bar had a great view of the beach. The staff was very friendly and helpful and it was reasonably priced ($15-$25 per person). Next time I’ll try some of their seafood, like the Cedar Plank Salmon or the Fresh Gulf Grouper (my mom and husband had, and loved, grouper sandwiches).

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My Favorite Coupon Blogs

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I’ve recently made a concerted effort to save more money by using coupons. So far so good! On Friday I saved $33 on groceries at Target and yesterday I saved $21 at Publix. There are 4 blogs that have inspired and helped me to do this. I’d like to share them with you.

The first one I discovered was Smart Couponing. One of our Facebook friends, Amanda, shared a link for free bagels and I’ve been a subscriber ever since. This blog tells you about all the good deals happening at several of my favorite stores, like Target, Publix,, CVS and Walmart. You can find coupon/sale match-ups on the blog, on their Facebook page, or just follow them on Twitter @SmartCouponing.

I Heart Publix
The same day I found Smart Couponing, I found a link to I Heart Publix. This blog is all about the sales, specials, promotions, etc. at Publix, my favorite grocery store! My favorite feature though, is the Sneak Peek at the upcoming Publix Weekly Ad. You’ll also find great deals from other stores there. You can also follow all the great savings on the I Heart Publix Facebook page.

Around the same time, I came across Moms Need To Know, a blog by a mom in the Philadelphia area. You can follow her on Twitter @MindiCherry or visit her Facebook Page. She posts printable coupons, free stuff, drug store and grocery store deals all day long. She also has a Moms Need To Cook section full of recipes. You’ll love her!

The fourth and final coupon blog that I love is True Couponing. This is a Faith-based blog run by 3 stay at home moms. They post great deals going on at Publix, Walgreens, CVS, Kmart, Walmart and Whole Foods. They also match up coupons to the sales and have “good deal alerts”. This blog is especially for the moms I know because these women live in Central Florida and offer coupon training classes at local churches. You can find their schedule here.

I hope find these sites helpful and you’re able to save some money. Please let me know if you of any other good coupon blogs or ways to save money. Happy shopping!

Free Breakfast on my Birthday!

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7401 Gulf Blvd. St. Pete Beach, FL

Today I want to tell you how a stranger made my birthday extra special. This morning my husband offered to take us out to breakfast, which we never do, and I said “Yeah!”. I read a review for one restaurant on St. Pete Beach, but it was labeled expensive and mediocre. One of the reviewers mentioned a placed called Beverly’s La Croisette. My mom called to wish me a happy birthday and she mentioned La Croisette without knowing that I was already planning on going there. I also posted a question on the Patrons Insurance Agency Facebook page asking where people like to get breakfast in town and one of our fans recommended the very same place. We were destined to go!

The place is small, but neat and full of loyal customers. We picked a seat and our waitress Meredith “Mere Bear” was quick to greet us and take our drink order. She even stopped to help us adjust the high chair straps for the baby. Their menu was full of wonderful choices for breakfast. I was immediately drawn to the omelettes and had to have the Florida Omelette, which came with avocado (my favorite!), tomato, cheddar cheese and sour cream. It was spectacular! I also adored the hash browns (so crispy and flavorful) and the fresh-baked croissant. But before the food came out I overheard a couple, at the table next to ours, mention they were also celebrating a birthday. I wished the woman a happy birthday and vice versa. We chatted briefly. Then we ate and so did they. Before we could even ask for our check, “Mere Bear” told us that the bill was taken care of by my birthday buddy at the next table.

I was so excited to eat I forgot to take a picture first. So this omelette is 1/3 gone.

I was so amazed by the generosity of this stranger, I just had to give her a hug. We talked some more and I found out that her name is Judy and her husband’s is Frank. They attend a local Catholic church and often do this sort of thing for people (according to our waitress, not Judy). She said my breakfast was a blessing from God, not them. I’m so happy that God lead us to this restaurant, where we could eat a delicious breakfast (including plate-sized pancakes) and make some new friends. Judy, if you’re reading this, thank you so much! You are an inspiration. To the owners and staff, we’ll be back to try those giant waffles!

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